This blog is a diary of Rahma: of Allah’s mercy upon us and a record of all things Rahma.

Rahma – more than just mercy

“If one wants to learn how to show rahmah to those on earth, look to someone who shows compassion to others the way our mothers love and nurture us – someone who lets his or her tears flow in empathy, feeling the pain of the poor, hungry, and oppressed. Rahmah does not simply mean showing people “mercy” – restraining from harming while having the capacity to hurt. This “mercy” only scrapes the surface of rahmah, which must come from the heart. Neither does rahmah exclusively mean showing hubb (love) to those who commit evil and oppression, “loving” what they do and “liking” to please them.

Instead, rahmah is to let one’s heart ache for those people, caring about their eternal well-being, so that we may all enter Allah’s rahmah, His salvation, in the hereafter. Rahmah is to embody the way of the Messenger, who said, “I was not sent to curse, but I was sent as a rahmah.”

Unfortunately, our dependence on the modern English “mercy” as a translation of rahmah may be faulty and inadequate. All the Messenger’s descriptions of rahmah point to something deeper, something we are familiar with, something we readily know as “compassion” or “nurturing love.”

Edited and taken from http://muslimmatters.org/2012/12/03/rahmah-not-just-mercy/

(For ease, we will be using the words Rahma and mercy interchangeably).

Our adventure is about to begin…Bismillah.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Assalamualaikum
    I love that the life experience we should aspire to is encapsulated in the word “Rahma” . As a medical doctor I am acutely aware of the root word “Rahem” which some would interpret as “mercy”, correctly so, but it refers to the womb especially in its pregnant state. Who can love more than a mother? Who nurtures and protects like a mother? In the mortal realm no one, but Allah’s Mercy and Grace is beyond human comprehension, an attribute we all strive to embody. Allah s.w.t grant you the greatest success. I’m loving this blog! 😘


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